Phoenix RapidFire
Phoenix RapidFire is an application that simulates the spread of one, or more, fires across the landscape.
The simulation implements a fire characterisation model capturing detail such as flame height, intensity, size, ember density and asset impact throughout the simulation process.
The use of Phoenix requires a licence which is normally obtained by an organisation rather than an individual. Please use our contact details below if you wish to request a licence.
Manuals, FAQs, example scenarios and walk-throughs can be found in the Phoenix Knowledge Base.
Fire Prediction Services uses an escalating support model for Phoenix.
The Knowledge Base contains details of your in-house Phoenix Support Coordinators, who are all trained in Phoenix, and who have a direct line to experts provided by Fire Prediction Services.
Each licencing agency provides their own internal mechanism for distributing Phoenix. Please contact your agency Phoenix Administrator.
Phone: +61 (3) 9419 2388
Address: 1/340 Albert Street,
East Melbourne, Vic, 3002
ACN: 612 843 232
About Us
AFAC, DELWP, UoM and NSW RFS have agreed to work together to develop the Phoenix RapidFire Software for use as a bushfire characterisation and decision support tool.
Fire Prediction Services was established as a charitable organisation for the purpose of advancing the safety of the Australian public. It is intended that this purpose will be pursued by:
  • Developing the Phoenix RapidFire Software or other software owned by Fire Prediction Services (FPS) to meet the needs of the fire and emergency management sector;
  • Ensuring that the public funding used in connection with the Phoenix RapidFire Software is deployed in a manner that maximises the impact, value, accessibility and benefit of the Phoenix RapidFire Software, consistent with the public interest;
  • Maintaining Phoenix RapidFire Software held under licence from certain of the Founding Members, and other software developed by FPS;
  • Licensing emergency service agencies and others to use Phoenix RapidFire Software or other software owned by FPS;
  • Establishing arrangements to support licensees using Phoenix RapidFire Software or other software licensed by FPS;
  • Commercialising the Phoenix RapidFire Software; and
  • Preserving, developing and improving the standards, facilities and wellbeing of FPS, including as determined by the Board from time to time.